February Decorating Tips: Native American Rugs

February Decorating Tips: Native American Rugs

Apart from when I am watching house flipping shows on television and forming opinions about the particular episode’s home staging, I never took much interest into native American decor. However, for the past nine months, I have taken notice of dressings of every clinic room at my obstetrician’s office. The anticipation of what the doctor had to update me on the state of my unborn son made me hyper-aware of everything around me. Each room is adorned with a different oil painting of a southwestern scenery, and to match there are turquoise colored curtains and accents. I would come to realize preparing for a child and decor go hand in hand. Decorating a nursery would consume my Thanksgiving break. You would think it was rocket science deciding what size sheepskin rug would fit best or what piece of wall art complimented the freshly painted walls.


Why did it matter so much to me? I was perfectly content with a plain or basic living space that was not fit with all the trimmings beforehand. Perhaps subconsciously I realized the ever so important “firsts” in my son’s life will most likely occur in the home. When he firsts crawls it might be to his toy basket, and just as I had been doing at my doctor’s office I would take in a moment in its entirety; meaning the grey and white woven baskets may be etched into my memory as well. That is what has made decor important to me.


Life is boiled down to little moments. These moments are seldom centered around the decor of the setting itself, but the tone of the moment is sometimes made by someone’s decor choices and made more memorable especially if that someone making the choices is yourself or a special person in your life. Native American decor was not very important to me before, but my mood on the subject has shifted. In fact, I have the latest Southern Living and HGTV magazines on my nightstand right now.

Area Rugs Have Tons of Benefits

I am and have always been a space person. I’m a surroundings person, the kind of person who notices the small details and appreciates the extra touches. I do believe that furniture is important to me, my room is a perfect example of that. The patterns on the Curtains, match the sky blue painted room, that makes me think of a beautiful morning sky. My room is a style of creative art yet organized. Sometimes I’ll get out of bed half-awake while memorizing where all my furniture is so that I don’t run into anything. I like to have my printer on my desk because it makes me feel like my room is also an office, plus the printer set-up looks great on my desk. How I have the bed next to the desk makes a little sitting area, which opens up more space in my room. The furniture and décor in my room give the space a comfy but relaxed feeling to me and makes me feel at peace, which is another reason my décor matters. One important way of doing that has been adding native American rugs to my home. How I have the ceiling fan hanging in my room matches everything and makes a soft but fast rotating spin, so it’s not distracting or agitating to the surroundings or me.


Whenever I go to the movies, the movie theater has a grand look to it, which makes the theaters look cool and stylish. The black seats running along the back row to the front row in a black covered room gives it a special unique touch. The furniture at the movie theater and décor give the theater a futuristic look to me that makes it more inviting for the next time. The hanging lights in the theater give a rustic look, which is classy to me. Décor is important because it gives style and unlimited possibilities to making different ways of having fun with decorating empty rooms.